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Senior Mental Health Lead Training

Free BEAT training for all schools in North Yorkshire

To support upskilling all staff in a school setting about eating disorders

Compass Phoenix (previously BUZZ)

continue to provide a range of free staff training opportunities to support emotional and mental health including the pupil wellbeing champion training and developing a whole school mental health policy

North Yorkshire Early Help

provide a range of free online training opportunities for staff including some on emotional and mental health issues including a session on school anxiety and refusal.

Information about the Governments Senior Mental health lead training

including how to access the free grant

Winston’s Wish free online bereavement training courses

will help schools understand how grief affects a child or young person and how adults can help them cope with their grief. The courses are designed for schools.

Domestic Abuse Basic Awareness Training from IDAS

This beginners training course is aimed at individuals in organisations and voluntary groups who work with adults and children or young people, to give a basic awareness of issues surrounding domestic abuse

City of York & North Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Training for the Autumn Term 2022

IDAS DA Dates for training City of York North Yorkshire

City of York & North Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Training for the Autumn Term 2022

IDAS DA Training Programme City of York North Yorkshire

Every interaction matters

is a short free, pre-recorded webinar (45-60 minutes). The webinar is intended to support staff in promoting wellbeing, resilience and mental health, building on staffs existing skills, qualities and role. It introduces a straightforward framework for engaging pupils - ‘Look, Listen, Link’.

Wellbeing for Education Return training

The original Wellbeing for Education Return training materials are freely accessible for schools and are more in-depth than the ‘Every Interaction Matters’ webinar. These training materials cover wider issues such as the impact of the pandemic, wellbeing and resilience (Webinar 1) and bereavement, loss, anxiety, stress and trauma (Webinar 2).

Anti-Bullying Alliance

have developed free CPD-certified anti-bullying online training for anyone that works with children and young people. Modules include: what is bullying, how to prevent bullying, how to respond to bullying , sexual bullying and more

Free Psychological First Aid online training course for supporting children and young people in emergency and crisis situations

(three hours to complete but split into three sessions and no previous qualifications are required) The free online course offers training for staff on how to provide practical and emotional support to children and young people affected by emergencies or crisis situations. As you will be aware, children and young people can be very resilient, but crises such as COVID-19 can severely impact their mental health. Getting the right support early on can help prevent problems occurring or worsening.

Free Zero Suicide Alliance training

provides a range of awareness training options, which provide a better understanding of the signs to look out for and the skills required to approach someone who is struggling, whether that be through social isolation or suicidal thought.