Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

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Download your action plan below and use it to record evidence towards meeting the criteria for this theme.  Once all the criteria for this theme have been met; upload your detailed action plan along with some additional documents required as evidence in the relevant section below.

For the uploaded evidence please ensure that each document has your school name on it and the file name clearly states what the document is e.g X school X Policy

Then complete a short online survey, essential feedback for our funders. Your evidence will then be submitted for assessment towards an award.  We will be in touch after the submission deadline date to let you know whether your application has been successful or if the Healthy Schools partnership group require further information or evidence to be submitted.

One completed theme = Bronze award, two (plus staff wellbeing)= Silver and all four themes = Gold award

Please see the website Resources page (link below) for support, documents and information in relation to this theme. Any problems please contact

Please continue to use and upload the action plan you have started and don’t worry if the action plan you are using is different to the latest version available on the website.

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NB please have the correct documents ready to upload as you cannot delete once you have uploaded and submitted a file