Submission Dates for Early Years

The Early Years submission process

Once Early Years have completed all criteria for one theme for Bronze, two themes plus Staff Wellbeing for Silver and three themes for Gold; evidence can be submitted towards achieving an award.

Action plans need to be completed and uploaded along with the additional evidence that is outlined in the action plan for each theme.

There will be 3 submission dates during the academic year 2023-24.


Online award submission date Settings notified of achievement or further evidence requested no later than
26th April 2024 By 24th May 2024
27th September 2024 By 8th November 2024
17th January 2025 By 28th February 2025
25th April 2025 By 23rd May 2025

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The award levels are

Bronze level

Complete the criteria for one theme, uploading one action plan with accompanying evidence.

Silver level

Complete all criteria for two themes, uploading two action plans with accompanying evidence for each theme.

Also complete the Staff Wellbeing section.

Gold level

Complete all criteria for four themes, uploading four action plans with accompanying evidence.

Also maintain Staff Wellbeing criteria.