Staff CPD

Staff have access to CPD and their emotional wellbeing is integral to the whole school approach to emotional wellbeing. This incorporates:


  • The school is actively engaged with Compass Buzz.


  • Staff can access CPD to increase their knowledge of emotional wellbeing to equip them to be able to promote positive mental wellbeing and to identify mental health issues g  Youth Mental Health First Aid Training and Emotional Health First Aid training


  • Staff emotional wellbeing is an integral principle of the whole school approach to emotional wellbeing – there is a culture around promoting positive staff wellbeing.


The evidence that could be in place to ensure a school is achieving this criteria includes:

  • The school has evidence of staff CPD needs assessment and responding to staff identified CPD needs in relation to EHWB (for example accessing Compass Buzz training, Mental health first aid training as well as CPD that benefits staff wellbeing
  • Evidence of staff meetings/ activities that have focused on staff wellbeing
  • Evidence of staff supervision
  • Visible staff support signposting such as employee assistance programmes

The school could be working towards a staff wellbeing award. The North Yorkshire staff workplace wellbeing award is free of charge for North Yorkshire schools and is run by the public health team