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The North Yorkshire Healthy Schools award covers four key themes which you can chose to work on in any order, depending on your school’s individual priorities. These are: Active Lifestyles, Emotional Health & Wellbeing; Food in Schools and Personal, Social & Health Education (including Sex & Relationships Education).

To achieve your Bronze award you need to meet the criteria for one theme, two for Silver (plus Staff Wellbeing) and all four themes to gain the Gold Healthy Schools award.

Once you have chosen your first Theme, work through and complete each criteria. First download and use the action plan template which details each criteria and any evidence required for each theme. The action plan can be worked on in school as an electronic or paper copy and uploaded as evidence towards completing the criteria, once they have all been met. Each theme also has a Pupil Voice question sheet to download and use with your pupil’s. We are looking for evidence of pupil engagement and would love to see pupils writing their own responses to the questions. You will need to complete both the action plan and pupil voice documents for your chosen theme and then upload them, along with any additional requested evidence such as policy and planning documents, to gain your Bronze award.

To achieve Silver level, you need to work through and complete all criteria for two themes, completing and uploading two action plans with accompanying evidence and two sets of Pupil Voice questions, one for each theme. In addition you will need to complete the Staff Wellbeing section to achieve your Silver level award. Then tick to confirm you have met all the required criteria and have evidence in place.

To gain your Gold Healthy Schools award, all four theme criteria need to be completed and the required action plans plus supporting evidence and Pupil Voice questions uploaded; including maintaining Staff Wellbeing criteria.