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Vision/ Hearing / Bowel and bladder control

Eye Tests

  • NHS information on eye tests for children

  • Find an optician in your area

Find an optician - NHS (

  • Public Health England information for parents leaflet on the importance of having their child’s vision regular checked

vision_screening_parent_leaflet.pdf (


  • NHS information on hearing tests for children

Hearing tests for children - NHS (


Testing children's hearing – how to test children’s hearing? (

  • National deaf children’s society

National Deaf Children's Society | supporting deaf children (

Bowel and bladder control (day and night time wetting)

  • NHS information on bedwetting

Bedwetting in children - NHS (

  • The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity


  • Great Osmond Street Hospital

Urinary incontinence | Great Ormond Street Hospital (

  • Bladder and Bowel UK

Resources For Bladder and Bowel Problems in Children - BBUK