Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Tips to save cost & waste

  1. Save money and packaging by buying food in bulk (eg.yoghurt, popcorn, breadsticks, dried fruit) and putting in smaller containers.
  2. Cut a chunk of cheese off a larger block and wrap in foil or in a small container, rather than buying separate, individually wrapped snack cheese. Pre-packaged snacks are more expensive.
  3. Freeze your bread items  - just take out what you need the night before you make the packed lunch roll, couple of slices of bread.
  4. Look out for fresh fruit on offer and freeze any surplus.
  5. Use tinned fruit (in juice) if you don’t have any fresh available. One large can contains two portions and can be put into a separate container.
  6. If offering an apple, to reduce waste, core and chop the apple into slices then fix back together with a rubber band round it to stop it going brown.

Cooking on a budget ideas

For ideas of how to eat healthily on a budget:

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Financial support for families

If you and your family are struggling to eat well due to limited finances then please take a look below for more information on how you can get support in your local area.

There are both national and local organisations that can help families struggling financially. Please remember that not all families are eligible for financial support as they are often means tested. Despite this, it is worth finding out what support is available to you both locally and nationally.

  • Local support

Cost of living support information from North Yorkshire Council

Contact Citizens Advice North Yorkshire > Home ( Telephone 01748 823 862 for free, confidential, impartial advice.

Contact North Yorkshire Customer Contact Centre Telephone 01609 780780 who can direct you towards local support.

  • For more information on support available for families nationally please also see:

Financial support benefits for parents on low income.

Benefits and financial support for families

Financial help if you have children

Turn 2 Us – Bringing up a child

House Hold Support Fund for York residents

Household Support Fund – City of York Council

Cost of Living Support Information in York

Cost of Living Crisis - Support in York - York CVS