Vision / Hearing / Bowel and Bladder control

Bowel and Bladder

If you have concerns about a school age child with regards to their bowel and bladder health including daytime wetting, night-time wetting and soiling or constipation you can contact the Healthy Child Service or your child’s GP who can offer general advice and if required refer your child to the bowel and bladder workshop. These workshops are delivered in partnership between the Bowel and Bladder Specialist Nurses based at York Hospital and the City of York Healthy Child Service Nurses. Following this workshop, if further support is required this will usually be given either by the Bowel and Bladder specialist nurses or in some cases the Healthy Child Service.

Vision & Hearing

York District Hospital

In York our Health Screeners carry out a vision and hearing test for children in school during Reception and Year 6. If there are any concerns about a childs hearing or vision they will automatically refer them for a review with the audiology and/or optometry team at York District Hospital. For more information on this and the NCMP please visit 

Free NHS Eye Tests

Children under the age of 16 and those in full time education up to the age of 18 are eligible for free NHS eye tests. These can usually be taken at a local optician. Alternatively speak with a GP about how to obtain an eye test.

If a child is attending a primary school in York and has missed their routine screening or you have concerns about a child’s hearing you can contact the CYC Healthy Child Service to request our screeners complete a routine hearing test in school. Alternatively speak with a GP.

For older children please discuss any concerns with your school nurse or GP and they will be able to request a hearing test and/or make a referral to the audiology team.

National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)


The Healthy Child Service (5-19 Team) work closely with the School Screeners who deliver the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP). The screeners measure the height and weight of primary school children in Reception and Year 6. They also carry out a vision and hearing test for children in school. For more information on this and the NCMP please visit their website